Holiday resort on the beachfront in the municipality of Isla Cristina.

148 rooms, 2 restaurants, 2 pools. Accommodation only, accommodation + breakfast and half-board.

Marketing and positioning in the national holiday market and the main European markets: Germany, France, UK, Scandinavia and Eastern European countries.

Commercial focus: Adults only, given the competitive advantage of this coastal destination.

Average annual turnover: €2.5 million

12-year contract. Started in June 2015.


Hotel in the process of closing; a truly complex corporate situation, requiring more than two months of negotiations involving Grupo Avintia’s Legal, Human Resources and Finance teams to organise and effect the hotel’s reopening.

It then became necessary to undertake the project in record time—nine days—including common areas, gardens and pools in a state of semi-abandonment. Rooms and facilities had been closed without even minimum preventative maintenance. The project required passing every official review: health, safety, certifications, etc.

And all of this with an opening commitment acquired in previous negotiations with the Tour Operator that held the current contract for the 2015 season and thereafter.


An initial strategic and negotiation phase was required to sort through and resolve the complex corporate problems that plagued the hotel, keeping it shuttered.

A second phase involved coordinated and multidisciplinary work in which Operations and Sales established all of the opening tasks necessary to ensure the correct operation and marketing of the hotel.


The hotel reopened on the agreed date and in record time: nine days from the signing of the contracts. The project had an impressive 2015 season and now the ADH team continues to work to transform the hotel into a premium product, targeting a market segment with development and growth potential on the coast and among holidaymakers: Adults Only

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2015 - 2017